1. The minimum size of the photo — 1600×1200 pixels;
  2. The photo must be clear, without any noise or damage;
  3. This photo must be beautiful and correct angle;
  4. If you can, send us your photos a few options;
  5. The photo must be original;
  6. Photo should not affect the interests of third parties.

Best Views

Toyota-Supra-JDM-Front-Fire-Abstract-Car-2014-Photoshop-HD-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-[] Toyota-Supra-JDM-Side-Fire-Abstract-Car-2014-HD-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-[] Toyota-Supra-JDM-Back-Fire-Car-2014-HD-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-[]

  • Advice: If you have pictures of your car, but they are not well suited to these requirements, better take a photo of your car again.

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