BBC  (Banner, Billboard, Cover) — you can order for your website, company or event a special image that will be most clearly display what you want.

example: you the organizer of the competition Drift, conducted in Japan in Tokyo. You need to make a banner, which will be a car Nissan Silvia S15 with the effects of fire on autumn background. For example because the competition will be held in the autumn. Also you send information to the text that will need to be placed at the banner.


CIP  (Commercial Ideological Picture) — you have a firm producing any goods or providing services. You need to develop the image that most clearly displays the ideology of your company, the performance of your product or service. Or the way you present this product than with associate, etc.

example: you have your own company that produces motors for boats. You need to display the item in the picture, is associated with power and water.


Your Ideas  you have a picture you thought your car, motorcycle, any other technique, but can not draw beautifully, but you can make a small sketch.

example: you paint Nissan GTR R35 pencil on plain paper and you want to have this image in the style of the fire to be printed or put on the desktop.

Attention! All specifications can be applied not only to cars and bikes, but also to other areas (Computers, peripherals, cosmetics, clothing, food, etc.)


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