Make-Your-Car-el-Tony-Services-2013-by-Tony-Kokhan-[]Make Your Car — service from the site el, where you can order your favorite handling car in styles from designer Tony Kokhan.


After the treatment you get the perfect picture of your favorite car in the resolution 3840×2160 pixels, which you can install on your desktop on your computer, phone or pad. Also can use this image for the cover of your website pages of Facebook and other services. Picture of your car, you can print a banner or poster, to use on business cards or in the portfolio.


  1. Resolution photos of your car is not less than 1600×1200;
  2. Photo of your car should be clear, noise-free and noise;
  3. You automatically consent to the publication of pictures of your car on the site el;
  4. Payment is made through the payment system PayPal;
  5. The cost of processing 1 photos — $99;


el-Tony-Cars-Services-2013-Nissan-Skyline-Before-After-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-[] el-Tony-Cars-Services-2013-Mitsubishi-Pajero-Before-After-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-[] el-Tony-Cars-Services-2013-Toyota-Starlet-Before-After-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-[] Toyota-Carina-GT-TRD-Client-Nikita-Beketov-Russia-Crystal-City-Car-2014-by-Tony-Kokhan-[] Before-and-after-Fire-Orange-el-Tony-Cars-Audi-A6-Fire-Car-2014-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-[]


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