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    el Tony License (ETL) — the right to commercial use of images from designer Tony Kokhan.

    1. You can buy the right to use images (for commercial purposes) from designer Tony Kokhan
    2. The images are available on the following official websites: el Tony, i-v.TVTony Kokhan
    3. The license cost $99 for one unique image
    4. Conditions:
    — 1. Choose the right image for you
    — 2. Fill in the form to obtain a license (with an indication of your company and website)
    — 3. Provide a link to your desired image or attach it to the letter
    — 4. After sending the request you will be contacted by Art Manager for details
    — 5. Next, you pay $99 via Paypal
    — 6. After the payment you will be sent the original image
    5. For the individualization of the image strongly recommend using keywords in the image. For example, the address of your site or your company name. To do this in the form of a license to specify your web site or your company.
    6. Clarification. You do not buy the copyright to the image, and buy the right to use the image for commercial purposes.

    IMPORTANT! You buy only the right to use the image, not the full copyrights. Therefore, we strongly recommend individualized image you want by using the name of your company, your website, etc. To purchase the full copyrights, you need to order the development of a new image.

    Additional questions —

    Clarification: the higher the individualisation image to suit your interests, the better.

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